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We always try to treat you the

way that we would want to be

treated ourselves

The smiles on the faces of all our Clients and Customers tell the real story of why you need to select us for all of your vehicle service and repair needs. Our goal is to make you very happy with whatever transaction you do with us, We will do whatever it takes to make you a happy, satisfied, special customer of ours. We promise to give you the best service and value for your money and to always treat you with respect and dignity!

About our Garage & Grounds

We are simple folks here and we run a family orientated type of business with good old fashioned type values and principles. We like to think of all our clients and customes in that same way. We treat you like one of the family, with complete respect and dignity.

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Now all we need are photos of all of our many friends, customers, and clients, for the entire picture to be very complete. Come on in real soon, we are waiting to be of help and service to you whenever we can. We know that having a car or vehicle problem is stressful enough without have more stress put on you by us. We want to make your visit to us a complete pleasure and a very pleasant memory so that you will gladly want to come back and see us again whenever you have need of our special help and services that we can provide.

Car Tec SA is a San Antonio, Texas, family owned and operated vehicle service and repair business that specializes in fast high quality work at the lowest possible price. The now well known, highly-gifted and talented originator and principal owner of Car Tec SA, Bernie Flores, has been in his trade and profession for over 24 years now. At first remaining hidden from the public as an outsourcer of his talent to family and friends in San Antonio, Texas, and lastly, establishing his now well known reputation with the public in 1988, with the opening of Car Tec SA in that year. Bernie Flores is truly an exceptional man of high standards and talents. His experience in working hands on in his business on all types of vehicles is second to none. His highly acclaimed service and repair work have made him and his business one of the most sought after vehicle service and repair shops by discerning individuals seeking only the best and finest in quality and serivice in vehicle work. Bernie Flores is willing to service and/or repair the most ldifficult, or just plane simple, vehicles. He is joined by his younger brother, Gama Flores, a man of many talents, and together they work as a team that never disappoints their customers in their expectations. Car Tec SA is open for additional work at present and welcomes the opportunity to be of service to any new or existing customer. They are also open for new commercial clientele accounts. Car Tec SA not only offers its services and repair work at competitive prices which are always much lower than the competition but it also supports its commercial customers with world-class professional no hassle honest treatment. Car Tec SA is the sole developer and proprietor of its state-of-the-art technology, and does not outsource or offshore any of its operations. This enables it to provide better support and ensures the most advanced and competitively-priced repair and services available today. The sophisticated level of knowledge, together with personalized service and support, have made Car Tec SA a business recognized for its excellence in innovative efforts, outstanding success, and exceptionally fast growth. By providing innovative and competitively-priced work, and delivering the highest quality clientele & custome service, and always appreciating and listening to its customers and clientele, Car Tec SA has become the standard of choice among vehicle service & repair shops in San Antonio, Texas.


Are You Ready For The Road?

An average of 13,000 Americans are killed between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day, some as a result of unperformed vehicle maintenance, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Each year, neglected maintenance leads to more than 2,600 deaths, nearly 100,000 disabling injuries and more than $2 billion in lost wages, medical expenses and property damage.

Most mechanical failures can be traced to neglected maintenance. For example, the U. S. Department of Transportation reports the leading cause of mechanical breakdown on our nation's highways is overheating, a condition that is easily avoidable. Other deficiencies that are simple to detect include low antifreeze/coolant, worn or loose drive belts and defective cooling system hoses.

Checking tire pressure and inflating a tire costs nothing, yet an average of 21 percent of cars inspected in check lanes during National Car Care Month have under inflated tires. This can lead to a blowout and a serious accident.

The Car Care Council offers these fuel-saving tips:

Vehicle gas caps -- About 17 percent of the vehicles on the roads have gas caps that are either damaged, loose or are missing altogether, causing 147 million gallons of gas to vaporize every year.

Under inflated tires -- When tires aren't inflated properly it's like driving with the parking brake on and can cost a mile or two per gallon.

Worn spark plugs -- A vehicle can have either four, six or eight spark plugs, which fire as many as 3 million times every 1,000 miles, resulting in a lot of heat and electrical and chemical erosion. A dirty spark plug causes misfiring, which wastes fuel. Spark plugs need to be replaced as recommended by the manufacturer.

Dirty air filters -- An air filter that is clogged with dirt, dust and bugs chokes off the air and creates a "rich" mixture -- too much gas being burned for the amount of air, which wastes gas and causes the engine to lose power. Replacing a clogged air filter can improve gas mileage by as much as 10 percent, saving about 20 cents a gallon.

Fuel-saving driving tips include:

Don't be an aggressive driver -- Aggressive driving can lower gas mileage by as much as 33 percent on the highway and 5 percent on city streets, which results in 10 to 66 cents per gallon.

Avoid excessive idling -- Sitting idle gets zero miles per gallon. Letting the vehicle warm up for one to two minutes is sufficient.

Observe the speed limit -- Gas mileage decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 mph. Each mpg driven over 60 will result in an additional 10 cents per gallon. To maintain a constant speed on the highway, cruise control is recommended.

WIPERS - In the 2001National Car Care Month vehicle check lanes, 21percent of participants had wipers that smeared, streaked or chattered across their windshields. Although climates vary, wipers generally need replacing every six months. An easy reminder is to change wiper blades in the spring and fall when you change your clock. Be sure the windshield washers are working properly, too, and keep the reservoir filled with solvent.

LIGHTING - Another important pre-trip check should be exterior and interior lighting. Vehicle check lanes revealed an overall failure rate of over 25 percent in the lighting category. The Car Care Council reminds motorists to check their lights monthly. Other suggestions from the Council include turning on headlights both day and night. This helps define your car's position on the road, and its distance from other drivers. When your vehicle's lighting is defective, other motorists may not get the message that you intend to stop or turn. The end result could be disastrous.

10 Minute Pre-Trip Checkup Can Pay Off

Car Care Council offers three suggestions for a traveler's 10-minute pre-trip checklist:

Check all fluids. There are several fluids, in addition to antifreeze, that require attention, including engine oil, power steering, brake and transmission fluids and windshield washer solvent and antifreeze/coolant.

Check hoses and belts. A belt that fails can affect the electrical system, air conditioning and power steering, as well as the cooling system. Cooling system hoses may be deteriorating from within, so old hoses and clamps in marginal condition might need to be replaced.

Check the tires. Check tire inflation and inspect the tread for uneven wear, indicating the need for wheel alignment. Also look for bulges and bald spots.

"While a last minute checkup is better than no checkup, motorists should plan ahead to allow time to perform necessary maintenance themselves or at the local service facility. A properly maintained vehicle is safer and more dependable and will even save a few dollars at the gas pumps," said the Car Care Council's Executive Director, Rich White.

Not only can a pre-trip inspection help reduce chances of costly and possibly dangerous road trouble, it also provides an opportunity to have repairs made at home, with one's own technician who knows the vehicle. Especially important, it provides peace of mind. While no inspection can guarantee a car's performance, it's comforting to know proper precautions were taken.

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