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Car Tec SA

If you need a mechanic, the most important decision you can make is choosing the right mechanic. A wrong decision not only can cost you a lot of time and money, but it could possibly cause for you serious injury to yourself, and/or your loved ones and family. Bernie Flores is considered one of the top mechanics in San Antonio, Texas. As the sole owner of Car Tec SA, certainly not only he, but his brother, Gama, and all their employees are fully dedicated to advancing their specialty skills to the greatest and highest levels possible. Remarkably, not only do they provide their customers with the latest and best state-of-the-art services possible, but they do so using the most cost-effective ways possible.

Bernie Flores

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Gama Flores

Below is our free diagnostic self-help aid that we provide as a means fo assist and help you find a possible reason for the trouble you are having with your vehicle. This aid is designed to point you in the "right direction" of your problem. This free aid is not intended to replace or change the advice of a mechanic that is competent.
We Specialize in Synthetic Oil Changes
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